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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Well, I felted the Manos tote... and I'm not sure I'm happy with the results. The whole thing turned out much smaller than I thought it would (I guess that Manos felts much more than Cascade 200) and its got a little *twist* to it that doesn't please me 100%. The straps are also very thin-looking, and the holes for them seem to have fused closed. (I can always poke through with a birch knitting needle, but still.) I have it set upside down now over an amazon.com mailing box. Maybe once it is more "squared" I'll be more pleased.

So now what to do? Shall I swatch for Folly? Or, shall I see what I can cook up with these here two skeins of Noro Big Kureyon? The Big Kureyon is supposedly a bulky yarn, but it don't look that way to me. Wondering about the Booga Bag... or maybe I'll try Janet Scanlon's new Mezza Luna!

Still, a good day. I'm not coughing as much! Rick and I took Jake (our Sheltie) for a long walk on the bike path near our house, where he scampered and got filthy and wet and thoroughly cleaned out his colon. Brought him home and tossed him into the stall shower with our son, Zack. Now they're both smelling nice and clean!
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Today... Rick and I took Jake (having trouble uploading a picture... he's a Sheltie) to the bike path , where he got wonderfully muddy and wet. Drove him back home and popped him into the stall shower with Zack. Voila! Clean and fresh-smelling dog AND boy.

Then went hunting for a reasonably-priced dresser for Zack's bedroom. Found a very cool 1940's beauty at a very low price, left to take a look at another one advertised in the Classifieds, came home, called the first guy to make a deal and... the dresser was already SOLD! Bummer.

Knitting? Well, I felted the Manos tote this morning, and I'm not so sure I'm thrilled with the results. It came out quite a bit smaller than I had expected, the holes for the straps seem to have fused together, and it is a little bit "twisty." 'Nother bummer. I'm trying to form it over some boxes from amazon.com, and maybe it will look better after it dries.

I 'm also debating between starting to swatch for the Folly, or to see what I can cook up with these here two skeins of Big Kureyon. Everything I have found online about this yarn suggests it is a bulky, but it don't look so bulky to me! Hmmm....
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Yikes... its been a few days since my last posting. What have I been up to? Well, lots of Chanukah.

Which included a fine display of latke-frying by my eldest daughter - way to go, Anna!

I finished the felted booties and they are dry now. Just need to be brushed and trimmed a teensy bit, and then I'll thread the ribbon through the little holes. They are so cute!

I also finished knitting my third My Constant Companion, and it is ready to hit the washing machine. I am so excited! Here is how it looked just a few days ago (not totally finished, but you can get a good idea of the size of this monster!)

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

So excited I am! The Master at my Tae Kwon Do school (the "dojang") and his lovely wife had their first baby yesterday afternoon! They are a very sweet and wonderful young couple and the baby (I saw a picture of him only a few hours old last night) is beautiful. Luckily, I already had one pair of baby booties already finished, using the Fiber Trends pattern for Felt Baby Shoes. Not yet felted, but the booties are knitted. If I do this right, you'll see a pic of them here:

I'm heading out the door in a few minutes to get my roots done (nasty grays they are, making me look OLD!) and I'll be taking my knitting with me so I can get going on a second pair of little booties. I think a presentation of two pair of felted booties, one in a baby blue and one in a tweedy spruce green/dark blue mix will be just lovely.
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Monday, December 22, 2003

Feeling just a little bit better than yesterday.

I did spend all of Sunday in my jammies, most of it in bed. Got a lot of knitting done. Will have to take pics of the My Constant Companion and the triangular shawl. The shawl did not turn out as large as I would have liked. (And the owner of my LYS ASSURED me that the one she had in the store, which was plenty large, was made out of two skeins!) I did mine using two skeins and I used big, fat 17's and it is SKIMPY. I plunked it into a cold water wash and tried to stretch it out, but I still don't think its nearly as big as the one in the store.

Its amazing how much tv you can ingest in one day of feeling lousy. Gotta love that Trading Spaces! And another one that's a total riot is Clean House. If watching that doesn't make you want to clean out all your STUFF, I don't know what will!
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Sunday, December 21, 2003

First post! Here I sit, staring at the computer screen, keyboard in my lap (its wireless, very convenient), hurting from a sore throat and achey body.

I should just haul myself out of this chair and find my way upstairs to bed. But, I know that when I get there (hopefully in a few minutes), the first thing I am going to do is pick up my silly, big plastic 19's (hate 'em, but they get the job done) and continue working on my lacy triangular shawl. I'm using two balls of Trendsetter Sorbet in a neutral colorway, and I've just tied on the second ball, so I'm more than half-way done, right?

Sorbet is a novelty yarn that combines an eyelash, viscose boucle and metal into one. It is way more glitz than I'm usually into, but what they hey... maybe I'll wear it New Year's Eve. (We've been invited to a party at the home of dear friends of ours... a whole bunch of families all together to ring in 2004. I am looking forward to it!)

Anyway, this is my first post.... Iwonder how this whole thing will work out?!?
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